Iwasawa Oriental Art is able to apply our expertise to help you identify and evaluate works of art and antiques you already own or are interested in purchasing.

Our expertise is based on over 40 years of professional experience and knowledge in the field of Japanese art, antiques, and culture. For assistance in evaluation of items you own, please contact us to make an appointment.

If you are looking for a specific item or group of items to purchase, we can assist you in locating, evaluating and obtaining these items.

Our extensive network allows us to locate pieces which may be unusual or difficult to find. We work closely with experts in Japan to acquire desired items for our customers. If we can help you find a specific item, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Iwasawa Oriental Art offers services as a professional decorator in traditional Japanese aesthetics.

We have an extensive inventory from which to select seasonally appropriate fine artwork and artifacts. We are able to assemble seasonal displays with which to accessorize your home, as is Japanese tradition and custom. This could be expanded to special occasions and/or events if desired. In Japanese, we often use the chanoyu expression “Ichigo, Ichie”; (One time, one meeting). This expression’s meaning lies in the extent to which you make the most of the current moment. Please contact us for more information about our decorating service. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to further explore what we can do to make your home or office even more beautiful and keep it in seasonal time.

Iwasawa Oriental Art has been active in featuring special works at their Los Gatos gallery as well as other locations.

The reputable Japan Society of Northern California has frequently worked with Iwasawa on their exhibitions. We can assist you with events such as displays and exhibits, receptions, tea ceremonies and other activities featuring fine Japanese art, such as private parties or home displays. Ms. Iwasawa has coordinated a number of events and exhibitions. View a partial list of past events. Please contact us to discuss your event management needs.

Our gallery is available for your private events, such as receptions, sake tasting parties or tea ceremonies.

You may rent our beautiful gallery space to hold your own event, and we are available to assist you with coordinating the event. Ms. Iwasawa has coordinated a number of private events, and can provide guidance in all areas of planning and implementation. Please contact us to discuss your private event needs.

We can help you restore your works of Japanese art or antiques – such as screens, scrolls, lacquer, and ceramics – with a fine Japanese touch.

We work closely with experts in the field to ensure that your work is carefully treated and restored to its original quality and beauty. We submit works that need mounting and restoration to a studio in Japan that uses the highest quality in materials and the highest aesthetics in the tradition of Japanese mounting. For more information about our art restoration services, please contact us to discuss your needs.