Iwasawa Oriental Arts, through the celebration of its 40th anniversary, honors the many people who supported the gallery for the last 40 years and their good deed has come into fruition into continuing the gallery and being able to have many events in educating the public about Japanese art.




Iwasawa Oriental Art is a Japanese art and antique gallery located in the center of downtown Los Gatos, California, about 40 minutes from San Francisco International Airport, or 15 minutes from San Jose International Airport. We are easily accessible from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

As you approach the building done in traditional Japanese architecture, complete with roof of blue tile imported from Japan, there comes a feeling of tranquility. A noren on the front porch blows in the breeze. It is lettered with her family crest.

Upon entering and being greeted by Kumiko Iwasawa Vadas, the feeling of serenity and anticipation envelope you. The elegant exhibits of Japanese antiques and contemporary art harmonize with their simple, natural surroundings. You are at Iwasawa Oriental Art in Los Gatos, California (in the heart of Silicon Valley).

In 1982, Kumiko Iwasawa Vadas, the proprietor of Iwasawa Oriental Art, commissioned the design and construction of this traditional Japanese building to house the collection of Japanese art and antiques. Iwasawa Oriental Art offers identification and appraisal services.

Ms. Iwasawa Vadas is the former regional chairperson of the International Netsuke Society and the founder of the Netsuke & Japanese Art Online Research Center.

News, Press and Events from the past 40 years

Photos from 1982 – 2012

Photos from 2012 – 2022


“Iwasawa Oriental Art has been in business in Los Gatos for over thirty years, introducing Japanese Art and Culture to a broad audience. In addition to showing traditional art objects, Iwasawa Oriental Art presents numerous exhibits and programs that introduce many aspects of Japanese culture — such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, lacquer wares, and food — to its community. As one of the most innovative galleries in Silicon Valley, Iwasawa Oriental Art is now engaged in combining traditional arts with modern and contemporary art, to demonstrate the appeal of modern aesthetics in Japanese arts.”

Emily Sano, Director Emerita, Asian Art Museum San Francisco

“Kumiko Iwasawa and her extraordinary gallery in Los Gatos have been a refuge and inspiration for me in many ways. I am humbled by her dedication to quality and beauty on such a high scale and am proud to have used her pieces at Manresa Restaurant and as meaningful contributions in our own published works. The spirit of Iwasawa Oriental Arts truly is an oasis in the frenetic nature of our modern lives.”

David Kinch, Chef-Proprietor, Manresa Restaurant in Los Gatos