Netsuke & Japanese Art Online Research Center

Netsuke & Japanese Art Online Research Center is dedicated to the study and research of netsuke art for the global community through the development and implementation of the Netsuke Online Research Project.

The Netsuke Online Research Project seeks to establish a global electronic repository for the study and research of both antique and contemporary netsuke and related Japanese Artworks to promulgate its poetic art form and esthetic value in addition to its intrinsic value as collectible super-miniature carvings by artists translating their visions of our lives into works of beauty.

As a result of the outflow of netsuke from Japan, there has developed a global network of collectors and historians who have done considerable research on these treasures. The goal of the Netsuke Online Center is to facilitate the research, findings and the sharing of ideas of these unique, miniature sculptures.

The Netsuke & Japanese Art Online Research Center website demonstrates how a netsuke database can be used to support online research and facilitate communication and collaboration within the netsuke community.

Netsuke Online Research Center

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