Thank you for your participation in our celebration of 30 years of Iwasawa Oriental Art.

慶溢萬齢 Keieki Banrei: Celebrating the Fruition of Good Deeds

Calligraphy by: Takada Koin (1924-1998) 124th Abbot of Yakushiji Temple, Nara

More information:

The phrase is part of an inscription found on the Eastern pagoda at Yakushiji temple in Nara. The inscription describes of the origins of the temple, where Empress Komyo built the temple to pray for her husband’s recovery. The inscription closes with the prayer that may the merits from building the temple be shared with the nation and that everyone should rejoice of the completion of the building and all should rejoice in the fruition of the good deed. The phrase also honors the people who were part of the construction of the temple and that their hard work, as a good deed, came into fruition in form of a beautiful temple.

Iwasawa Oriental Arts, through the celebration of its 30th anniversary, honors the many people who supported the gallery for the last 30 years and their good deed has come into fruition into continuing the gallery and being able to have many events in educating the public about Japanese art.