• East Meets West Variation on a theme: Wood firing Gift of Nature
    Lecturer Jim Wayne, San Jose City College Ceramics Department
  • Lecture on Japanese Garden Design
    Lecturer Marc Peter Keane, Landscape Architect and adjunct professor at Kyoto University.
    at Iwasawa Oriental Art in Los Gatos
    Japan Society Participated


  • Netsuke Exhibition
    Featured netsuke in the San Francisco Bay Area
    at Iwasawa Oriental Art in Los Gatos April 30 – May 27
    Lecturer Robert Kinsey, well-known author of several books on netsuke
  • Chanoyu – The Way of Tea
    Japanese and American Collage of the Japanese Tea Ceremony
    at Iwasawa Oriental Art in Los Gatos October 14 – November 18
    Lecturer Christy Bartlett, Director of Urasenke Foundation, San Francisco
  • Visual Poetry: Japanese Traditional Calligraphy on Ceramics
    at Iwasawa Oriental Art in Los Gatos January 19 – February 18
    Japan Society Participated


  • Exhibition of Japanese Erotic Art with Masterpieces of Ukiyoe Printing
    at Iwasawa Oriental Art in Los Gatos September 9 – October 8
  • Containing Beauty: Japanese Flower Baskets & Vases
    at Iwasawa Oriental Art in Los Gatos July 1- July 16
  • Exhibition at Museum in Kyoto
    April 5 – June 19
    Three pieces from “Makie” catalogue were displayed at this most prominent place to exhibit tea ceremony utensils. These pieces were also displayed in the museum’s catalogue.


  • Yakimono: Japanese Influence in American Ceramics
    Japan Society Participated
  • Netsuke Convention in Chicago
    Iwasawa Oriental Art published “Makie” catalogue which included 160 pieces of Japanese lacquer. Introductions by Yoshikuni Taguchi (Emeritus Professor of Tokyo University of Fine Arts) and Yutaka Mino (Curator, Dept. of Asian Art, The Art Institute of Chicago.) This Catalogue can be the highest quality Japanese Lacquerware to be found anywhere.


  • Zenga: The Art of Zen painting and calligraphy
    Japan Society Participated


  • Tea Ceremony Utensils Exhibition
  • Makie Exhibition: Japanese Lacquer
  • Netsuke Convention in San Francisco
    Prince Takamado attended. Ms. Vadas was Guest Curator in charge of preparing the Netsuke Exhibition at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.