Japanese Lacquer Painting Lecture/Demonstration by Shunsai Maehata
October 23, 2003
Samsung Hall at Asian Art Museum of San Francisco


Watch one of Japan’s premier young lacquer artists, Shunsai Maehata, demonstrate painting on lacquer (maki-e) and learn more about this exquisite art form from him in a lecture. A third-generation artist, Shunsai, like his father, Gaho Maehata, received the official title Master of Traditional Arts (dento kogeishi) a recognition that precedes that of Living National Treasure. Maehata has exhibited his pieces at prestigious venues in Japan over the past twenty years.

He recently completed fine restoration work at Kenchoji Temple in Kamakura, an Important Cultural Property. Maehata’s work may be seen at Iwasawa Oriental Art in Los Gatos, CA from October 10-25. We held a reception on October 21, 2003, with “Shunsai Maehata, the artist.

View presentation: Kenchouji Restoration: Temple in Kamakura, an Important Cultural Property

He is also presenting at the seminar “Chanoyu no Bi-Beauty in Tea Tradition: Lacquer” held at the Urasenke Foundation of San Francisco on October 18, 2003.

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