The Philosophy of Transmitting the Tradition

Hanging Seto Flower Vase
By: Richard Milgrim with Tomobako
H 7″ x D 9″

Designing Nature
The Rinpa Aesthetic in Japanese Art

Rinpa Style Holding screen of autumn flowers and glasses
H 36″ x W 72″

The admiration of nature exemplified by the aesthetic sense of autumn was even further expressed in different schools of painting including Kano-ha and Rimpa as well as in different art forms including ukiyo-e wood block prints, textile-dyeing, pottery and maki-e.

The change in seasons occurs in a periodic pattern, thus admiration of nature to bring new hopes for the Japanese.

Writing Box with motif of Rinpa style autumn moon scenery.
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Love for Ever-changing Nature

Nature’s shifts have cultivated a sensibility in Japanese people to notice and understand subtle changes in their natural surroundings and gave rise to a special nature-inspired artistic ability unique to Japan.

Please come to see the beautiful autumn motif in Japanese artworks.