Sword by URUSHI 漆刀/Lacquer Sword

貞宗 南北朝時代 14世紀

The artist 新義隆 Atarashi Yoshitaka (b.1957) who makes replica of ancient sword by family tradition. Father was a renowned appraiser of sword and brother is a lacquer artist.

蔦の道 秋広
短刀 銘 相州住秋広 南北朝時代 14世紀

山姥切国広 16世紀

Artist Note:
This blade is the one and only work created by Yoshitaka.
It is a relief of a sword expressed by lacquer on a wooden board and painted with a lacquer work of silver powder.
I mainly use swords from the Kamakura era as a model, but recently I have expanded the range of work from ancient swords to swords at the end of the Edo period.

新 義隆

粟田口吉光 短刀 鎬藤四郎
These blade are made entirely of lacquer on wood, it contains no metal. The artist, Atarashi, is the son of a very famous sword expert and he studied Japanese swords under his father’s tutelage. Thus, he was able to capture the intricate characteristics of this famous sword superbly.

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