A Glass Artist Expressing Traditional Japanese Beauty in Glass:
Kuroki Kuniaki


Korin-Rimpa Style Flower Vase with platinum leaf inlay H 14″ x W 12″ Price upon request

Kuniaki Kuroki and Rimpa

They say that “The most national thing can be the most international.”
The words have a profound meaning especially, when applied to art fields; when light, shadow, color and form nurtured in a mother country’s climate are given artistic expression, they become to be deeply connected with the spirit of people in the diverse lands.

As a successor to traditional Japanese aesthetics, Kuroki learned from the classics passed on from generation to generation. But, the artist has not only inherited the past style, but also reformed the tradition into his own expression provided with rich sensitivity. This has resulted in his highly recognized solo exhibitions in overseas.
-Yoshio Tsuchiya; Historian of Arts and Crafts


Splendid World of Glass

Flower Vase「Red Stream」
H 6″ x W 20″ x D10″
Price upon request

Glass, a beautiful material with dynamic fluidity and brilliance beyond diamond.
Kuniaki Kuroki is a glass artist who is fascinated by the magical allure.
Aiming for interaction of the West-originated medium and Japanese traditional cultures, he never gives up pursing the essence of aesthetics in Japanese history, culture and tradition.

Registered as ” National Contemporary Master Craftsman ” by Japanese Government.

Aya Kiriko

Aya Kiriko (cut glass) has the theme of the large evergreen broad-leaved forest, a symbol of Aya-Cho, Miyazaki, where the artist established his studio.
This series has drawn attention as world’s first multi-colored layered glasswork. The fantastic splendor of Aya Kiriko is renowned as contemporary Kiriko born after the era of Edo and Satsuma Kikiro.

茶道具 「綾切子」
Set of Tea Utensils for Summer


Cordless lamp / Three layers and Two colors「Aya Kiriko」

Aya Kiriko is designated by the Japanese government as a traditional national craftwork.

Their Majesty the Emperor Akihito and the Empress Michiko visited Aya-Cho, and had a relaxed conversation with the artist Kuniaki Kuroki. (April 26th, 2004)

In 1991, Kuroki became the first glass artist in Japan to receive the award of Contemporary Master Craftsman (Outstanding Technician). In 2008, he successfully held a two-month exhibition showcasing about 100 of his works at a museum in Venice, Italy—which is known as a special place for glass crafts—and received rave reviews from many people, including local glass art experts.

Please come to see the beauty of Japanese Glass Art by Kuniaki Kuroki.