May 5th・端午の節句

Colourful carp streamers or Koinobori flutter in the wind. The carp shaped wind socks are flown to celebrate Children's Day, a national holiday in Japan.

Koinobori (鯉のぼり)

In Japanese culture, people celebrate the health and happiness for boys.
It’s known as “Tango no Sekku 端午の節句” or “Kodomo no Hi 子供の日”(Children’s Day).


Scroll: Momotaro with 巖谷小波 Gasan

Circa 1900
Momotarō (桃太郎, “Peach Boy”) is a popular hero of Japanese folklore.ō


Families display the traditional Japanese Samurai helmet kabuto 兜, due to their tradition as symbols of strength and vitality.

兜 KABUTO/Japanese helmets

This helmet is an authentic Samurai helmet from the late 1500’s that was used when the country of Japan was in a state of constant civil warfare so it has definitely seen use on the battlefield.
Kabuto (兜, 冑)



Gold nashiji ground wisteria crests maki-e saya with paulownia crested metal fittings on an itomaki-tachi koshirae.
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Japanese Sword Fittings

Circa 1700
Tachi 太刀

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